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Our development team has gone through various types of projects which includes fully automated process management systems as well. Not only with the local clients, but we have also worked with foreign clients as well. We are honored to have both local and foreign clients within one year. Where we have worked with some of the leading companies in India, Pakistan, and the USA. With 10+ thriving software products co-created to date, check out our success stories.

HRM - Human Resource Management

HRM is a cloud-based human resource management system that we have developed for our very first USA client. This is a bespoke hrm solution for the client and our team was able to provide a more effective product that can be used by different sector companies as well. HRM provides features to manage all HR related functions within the system itself.
Our client wants to create a fully functional HR system for managing all hr related functions in a cost-effective way. The main problem is to manage separate cost centers for each department and make the system fully customizable. So our developer team plays a good role to provide a more effective solution for our client.
Our team provides a cloud-based centralized software solution with the support of high level rest API technology. The material UI design is considered and used as a UI design for the front end which adds more UX for the system. This solution is created under the usage of angular, apache 2 and node js. Product testing was done by the client and the unit testing was done by the developer team. This product was able to reduce more than 5 hours of paperwork per day.
“Team Adelmo done a grea job. They complete the full project within the timeframe with all the requirements”
- CEO, NY Models

Apparel Mo

Apparel Mo is a more effective apparel process management system for small and medium scale garments in Sri Lanka that allows garment owners and managers to manage their garment’s process with end to end support. It is a custom made solution based on our specific client requirements. This product provides an easy and secure management system for the process of the garments.
The Jeleena Apparel team had a vision of developing process management for all processes in Jeleena Apparel and they wanted a highly reliable, cost-effective partner to create this engaging platform. We came on board to make that vision a reality.
A mobile-responsive, web-based application was created using Angular, Apache 2 and PHP Slim. Through this system, they were able to manage their process by one endpoint. Testing was done by us as well, and the team together was able to deliver a successful product at the end of the project.
“Adelmo Technology fully transformed our manual operation system to automated system within the timeframe and as well as under the best price”
- CEO at Jeleena Apparel (Pvt) Ltd

EMS - Enquiry Management System

EMS is Enquiry Management System which is our team that was created for our Pakistan client. This product is mainly targeting for managing all the inquiries which are submitted by the clients. The product has the capability of handling all client-related details and as well as all the inquiries without any issues. The company can create and issue system login credentials and send it through the email for the client automatically. So this system can centralized customer-related functions in the business in a more cost-efficient way.

Our client wants to maintain customer-related data and functions within a single system in a cost-effective way. And also the client wants to provide a secure way to login to the system and manage incoming system traffic by admin credentials. All the inquiry related documents also have to manage by using the system and the system has to provide the feature and space to store documents safely.

Our developer team has provided a more secure cloud-based solution for client which enable all the requirements provided by the client. With the usage of angular and PHP developers were able to provide a more secure login and document management as well.

“Now we can handle all our customer related enquiries in a efficient way.”
- CEO at Alfa Fire Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

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